Announcing Auditions for “ANNIE”!

 Announcing open auditions for our fall musical

Seeking a large and diverse cast for

 Directed by Brian Mulvey Musical Direction by Ron Procopio

Choreography by Leslie Racine Vazquez


Children : Saturday July 22 at 1 pm  (sign-in beginning at 12:30)

                    Sunday July 23 at 1 pm (sign-in beginning at 12:30)

                                * All auditioners must be signed in by 1:15

Adults :   Sunday July 23 at 7 pm (sign-in beginning at 6:30)

                 Monday July 24 at 7pm (sign-in beginning at 6:30)

                                 *All auditioners must be signed in by 7:15

Call-backs:     Sunday July 30 at 6 pm

Jenks Auditorium, 350 Division St., Pawtucket RI

(across from McCoy Stadium)

All ages are the suggested “playing” age, subject to many casting factors. All roles sing.


Children’s Roles    (girls only)

Annie: (11)     The center of the show (hence the title) who is in every scene. She is at times mothering, clever, bold, assertive, sentimental and always optimistic. A confident young actress who can sing, act and “dance”. Vocally strong but also tender. A winning personality. It is possible that this role will be double-cast.

The OrphansMolly (6), Kate (7), Tessie (10), Pepper (12) , July (13), Duffy (13)

All the orphans must sing and move. Each has a distinct personality.

( Two understudies may be part of this group and would appear in other Ensemble numbers) 

Adult Female Roles

Miss Hannigan:                (30+)     Caretaker of the Orphanage. Depressed, boozy, needing romance, hates kids. The worst choice for “mother of the year”.  Belter Alto

Grace Farrell:(25-40)    Warbuck’s secretary. Stylish, thoughtful, Annie’s connection to another life. A possible romantic connection to Warbucks. Pure Soprano

Lily St. Regis: (20-35)    Rooster’s girlfriend. Trashy, brassy, ditzy.  Strong Alto.

Boylan Sisters: (3) * (20-35)   Sweet, tight harmony trio at NBC. Think Andrew Sisters.

Star-to-Be: *(20-25)     Ambitious young talent in the middle of “NYC” ! Big voice. (Maybe the best voice in the show) Alto.

* These roles are also part of the Ensemble.

The  female Ensemble requires doubling. Roles include:

Apple Seller, Hooverville residents, NYC inhabitants, Warbuck’s maids, NBC crew 

Adult Male Roles

 Daddy Warbucks: (40+)   Billionaire Republican. Powerful, confident.  He learns to let love into his life, not only for Annie but , perhaps, for Grace as well. Ideally, he would have a clean-shaved head (not necessary for the audition). Baritone.

Rooster Hannigan: (25-35) Hannigan’s brother, a sleazy con-man, scheming to take Warbucks money. Physically “loose”. Baritone / Tenor

Drake: *(30+)    Warbuck’s butler. Efficiently stylish and “in charge”. Baritone.

Bert Healy :*(30+)    Schmaltzy radio celebrity. Tenor.

President Roosevelt: *  (40+)  Authoritative, enthusiastic, concerned for the nation. The role calls for impersonation of FDR’s speaking style. A “talk” singer.

* These roles are also part of the Ensemble.

The male Ensemble requires doubling. Roles include:

Mr. Bundles, Lt. Ward, Dogcatchers, Policemen, Hooverville residents, NYC inhabitants, Warbuck’s servants, NBC crew, Cabinet members (4), Kaltenborn (radio voice)

Audition Information (no appointments necessary)

  • We will provide the score’s music and an accompanist.
  • All auditioners should prepare to sing 16 bars of a Broadway-style song. Please bring sheet music in appropriate key, unless your selection is from this show.
  • Children will be also be taught something to sing from the show.
  • Please dress to move. A portion of the audition will be devoted to group movement, as well as reading from the script.
  • Any child with tap dance skills may also demonstrate them.

Please come with any potential rehearsal conflicts (unavailable evenings, vacation plans, etc.).

The rehearsal schedule will be determined after casting.

Some initial music rehearsals may begin in August.

We are well aware of the ages of the cast and next-day school demands. Every effort will be made to rehearse the orphans early, perhaps even separately during the afternoon. That will not be possible with the role of Annie, however, as she must interact with the adult cast.

 Production dates Nov. 10, 11, 12  and  17, 18, 19 at Jenks.

Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 – Sundays at 2:00

November 18 may be a “double”  (matinee and evening performances). 

Audition applications may be downloaded here and completed in advance – please bring to auditions.

 (Forms will also be available at the auditions):



For further information please call (401) 781-6637 or email