The Community Players announce auditions for world premiere ‘A Tree Falls in Brookline’

Rhode Island’s oldest community theater, The Community Players, currently celebrating its 100th season, will hold auditions for the World Premiere of A Tree Falls In Brookline by David Christner, an Award-winning Rhode Island playwright, on Wednesday, December 8 and Thursday, December 9, 2021 at 7:00pm at Jenks Auditorium, 350 Division Street, Pawtucket, RI, (across from McCoy Stadium).

Sign-in will begin at 6:30 pm. (All auditioning must be signed in by 7:30 pm.)

A Tree Falls in Brookline tells the story of Cormac “Mac” McIntyre, a largely unproduced and unrecognized playwright whose work is beginning to get some recognition, when a tree falls in Brookline, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury and only a shadowy recollection of his identity. Mac’s roller coaster ride through his tumultuous past to discover who he is in the present is a trip you won’t soon forget.

Director Richard Griffin is looking for a diverse cast of men and women, ages 40-70, to fill the following roles:



CORMIC “MAC” MCINTYRE: 70s / An Obscure Playwright and our central character. When the play begins, we meet Mac in the hospital where he is suffering from amnesia from being hit in the head by a fallen tree limb while playing golf. Mac, even though he is suffering from extreme memory loss, is witty, urbane, and possesses a unique, passionate view of life. He uses his quirky sense of humor as a shield against the troubles of life. He is also a caring friend, an — even though success as a playwright has failed to come is way, he is still extremely passionate about his work. 

RIPLEY RANDOLPH: 60s / Mac’s pal and agent. Ripley is not only Mac’s agent, but also his good friend. He is gruff and cranky, but he’s also the best friend a person could ask for. This is a delightful role for actors who really want to show off not only their comedic talents, but their dramatic ones as well. 


DR. ALEX WARNER: 40s / A neurosurgeon. Alex is a great neurosurgeon, but also a bit of a flake. He seems to be a bit more interested in playing golf than his practice. This is a perfect role for an actor looking to show off their comic chops. 

WILEY HENRY: 40s / Allison’s son, and Mac’s stepson. Wiley, to put it lightly, is a bit of a creep. He is the play’s real antagonist. A money-hungry opportunist who is willing to exploit Mac’s condition for profit. This is a true “scene-stealer” character.

FRANK PEARSON: 55 / A professor of theater. A button-downed type. All business, even though he’s involved in the arts. 



ALLISON MCINTYRE: 60s / Mac’s estranged wife. Independent, intelligent, caring and thoughtful. Even though she was unhappy in her marriage to Mac, she still loves him deeply, and will play a leading role in his rehabilitation, both with his injury and his reformation as a person. Allison, along with Mac, drive the story of the play. 

GWENDOLYN FAIRFAX: 60s / Heiress and patron of the arts. Rich, fun, strong-willed, with a biting sense of humor and doesn’t play by the rules. A reformed smoker who still cannot help carry an unlit cigarette around. After Allison left Mac,”Gwen” became Mac’s lover, mostly because of her close friendship with him and her need to help him with the pain of his divorce. She is the best friend one could ask for. 


DR. ANNA FLOYD: 50s / A neuropsychologist. Intelligent, soft-spoken doctor who is working to help Mac restore his memory. She takes her work seriously, but she still finds great joy when dealing with a patient like Mac. 

MARGARET HILLER: 40s / A VA nurse. Margaret is a no-nonsense VA nurse, with a rather quirky sense of humor. She’s damned good at her job and seems to be keeping the rather flighty doctor she works with in check. This is a small role but could be a perfect “scene-stealer” for the right actress. 

NORA ELLIS: 50s / The Artistic Director of the Boston Harbor Stage Company. She wants to produce Mac’s plays. She’s quirky, driven, and even though she works in the arts, she’s all business. This is the perfect role for a thespian who likes to come on stage, do one scene, and steal the show. 

All roles are open.  

The audition will consist of cold readings from the script.  Rehearsals will be held three times a week (days to be determined). Please come prepared with potential rehearsal conflict dates and times (evenings, weekends, vacation periods, etc.).

Please note all auditioning will need to show proof of vaccination for Covid 19, along with an official government issued identification.

A Tree Falls in Brookline will be produced at Jenks Auditorium on February 18, 19, 20, 25, 26 and 27, 2022.

For further information, please send an email to