Lawrence D. Reedy, President

The Royal Family (Pawtucket Congregational Church) – Joan Dillenback
Ballroom (First musical at Jenks Junior High – Old stage) – Larry Reedy
Funny Girl (Pawtucket Congregational Church) – Bob Mitchell
Nightwatch (St. Martin’s Church, Pawtucket) – Lenny Gamache


Lawrence D. Reedy, President

You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown (Pawtucket Congregational Church) – Beth Denice (Jepson)
Heaven Can Wait (Pawtucket Congregational Church) – Nancy Lee Devane
Showboat (First musical at newly renovated Jenks) – Bill Ferrara
Chapter Two – Ed Conaty


Maurice L. Lalime, President

Damn Yankees – Beth Denice (Jepson)
The Little Foxes (Repeat) – Bill Ferrara
Carousel – Larry Reedy
A Flea In Her Ear – Gil Decavalvo


Maurice L. Lalime, President

My Fair Lady – Bob Mitchell
Spoon River Anthology – Joan Dillenback
The King & I – Larry Reedy
Blythe Spirit – Ellen Salter


Don Gillis, President

Brigadoon – Bob Hargraves
The Rainmaker (Repeat) – David Jepson
Company – Lawrence Calabro
Lunch Hour – Michael Flanigan


Claire L. Beauregard, President

Dames At Sea – Sheila M. Ribiero
Butterflies Are Free (Repeat) – Karen Hanley (Longest)
Sound Of Music – Larry Reedy
“A Mini Season” (Co-Celebration: Players’s 65th Anniversary and Pawtucket’s Centennial)
Come Blow Your Horn – Ronn Marshall


Claire L. Beauregard, President

Where’s Charley – Joan Dillenback
Bad Seed – Lawrence Calabro
Follies – Cait Calvo
Don’t Drink The Water – Lynn Panchuk (Price)


Victor S. Turenne, President

Music Man (Repeat) – Larry Reedy
Ladyhouse Blues – Cait Calvo
Jesus Christ Superstar – Bob Mitchell
Oliver- Sheila M. Ribeiro


Victor S. Turenne, President

Grease – Don Gillis
Bus Stop – Ronn Marshall
Helly Dolly – Karen Hanley (Longest)
Angel Street – Ed Conaty


Victor S. Turenne, President

Annie – Larry Reedy
Deathtrap – John Gaskell
I Bring You Flowers (One Act) – Marc Laurie
Little Mary Sunshine (Repeat) – Beth Denice (Jepson)
Table Manners – Geri Sereno