Thomas J. Hunt, Jr. President

Hasty Heart – Flora S. Curtis & Hope V. Carey*
The Glass Menagerie
Goodbye, My Fancy – Thomas J. Hunt Jr.


Ruth M. Johnston, President

Minnie Field; The Silver Whistle – Hope V. Carey
Double Door – Ruth Johnston
Light Up The Sky


Hope V. Carey, President

Gramercy Ghost
The Shop At Sly Corner
Father Of The Bride – Ruth Johnston


Richard W. Havens, President

Mr. Barry’s Etchings – Walter J. Shunney
The Two Mrs. Carrolls – Hope V. Carey
Harvey – Lenny Gamache
(also played in Deertree, Maine)


A. Thomas Cooksey, President

Night of January 16th – Ruth J. Mulvaney
(also played in Boothbay Harbor, Maine)
My Three Angels – Ralph Briggs
Sabrina Fair – Walter J. Shunney


A. Thomas Cooksey, President

Affairs of State – Ruth Johnston & Carol W. Henshaw
Dream Girl – Leonard F. Gamache (Asst: Ruth Gamache)
Tender Trap – Dr. Farrell
Gently Does It – Ruth Johnston


Frederick Lawton, President

Anniversary Waltz – Walter Shunney
Happy Birthday – Ralph Briggs
Late Love
Janus – Lenny Gamache


Lenny Gamache, President

Solid Gold Cadillac – Ralph Briggs
Dial “M” For Murder – Ronn Marshall
Broken Circle (performed for Family Service)
For Love Or Money – Ruth Johnston


Ruth Johnston – President

Call Me Madam – Lenny Gamache (Our First Musical)
Visit To A Small Planet – Ralph Briggs
The Mouse Trap – Ronn Marshall
Caine Mutiny Court Martial – Ruth Johnston


Ruth Moody Donnelly, President

The Pajama Game – Lenny Gamache
The Seventh Veil – Ronn Marshall
Time Limit – Bill McMahon
Kind Sir

* Director listed where known