Ruth Moody Donnelly, President

Finian’s Rainbow – Lenny Gamache
Monique – Ronn Marshall
The Rainmaker
Born Yesterday – Ralph Briggs


Ronn Marshall, President

Wish You Were Here – Lenny Gamache
Bell, Book and Candle – John Mutter
A View From The Bridge – Ralph Briggs (Last play at East High)
Arsenic & Old Lace – Lenny Gamache (First play at Oak Hill Tennis Club)


Ronn Marshall, President

Babes In Arms – Lenny Gamache
Critics’ Choice – Ronn Marshall
Night Must Fall (Repeat) – Cait Calvo
The Pleasure Of His Company – Ruth Johnston


Lenny Gamache, President

Take Me Along – Lenny Gamache
The Voice Of The Turtle – Jackie Darcy Moran and Les Weinstein
A Shot In The Dark – Ronn Marshall
Curious Savage – Ruth Gamache


Lenny Gamache, President

Bye-Bye Birdie – Lenny Gamache
A Majority Of One – Ronn Marshall
Out Of The Frying Pan – Edward Conaty
Laura – John Mutter


Jacqueline Darcy Moran, President

May The Best Man Be The Groom (Original) – Lenny Gamache
(Book & Lyrics by: Ted Thibodeau)
Waltz Of The Toreadors – Ronn Marshall
Joan Of Lorraine – Betty Arruda
The Heiress – Roslyn Dickens


Jacqueline Darcy Moran, President

The Boy Friend – Ruth Johnston
Never Too Late – Lawrence D. Reedy
The Diary Of Anne Frank – Raymond Fontaine
The Merry Pranks Of Tyll (Children’s Theater)


Yvette Carozza, President

3 Men On A Horse (Repeat) – Edward Conaty
The Odd Couple – Betty Arruda
Come Back, Little Sheba


Gail M. Southworth, President

Everybody Loves Opal (First play at Slater Park Boathouse)
Sweet Charity – Larry Reedy
Tom Jones – Beth Denice (Jepson)
Aladdin (Children’s Theater)
The Miracle Worker – Phyllis Gunion
The Fantasticks (Summer Theater) – Beth Denice (Jepson)


Gail M. Southworth, President

The Impossible Years
The Fantasticks (Repeated for regular season) – Beth Denice (Jepson)
Anastasia – Cait Calvo
Carnival – John Mutter
Bye-Bye Birdie (Repeat-Summer Theater) – Beth Denice (Jepson)